Shatter the Silence

Sora turned the keys over in her palm and turned them with a swift motion. Giving a resounding clank, the wooden door opened, nearly carrying Sora with it as she grasped at the little window the door had.

She got down, and her feet touched stone. She was glad to be on the ground again. Sora hissed in pain as her shoulder throbbed painfully. Well, it was worth it, she thought. At least her escape was one step complete.

Sora stepped uncertainly out into the darkness, reaching out with her own two palms. They were bloodied, from searching for a rock to step on, but she didn’t care.

She walked until she reached a wall; she ran her hands against it, and saw that it stretched north. She remembered being guided through this hall, and retraced her steps.

Sora came to a small chamber with a stairwell; it was eerily quiet, until someone broke the creepy atmosphere with a cough.

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