The Wall

I’ve hardly been seeing Colleen at all. Harry makes it worth it, I suppose.

We’ve really caught on now, I’ve also started hanging with other people as well. Thee only bad thing is that my mark itches something awful! I’m up all night scratching it most of the time!

The last time I talked to Colleen was about a month ago, which worries me. Part of me wants her to talk to me more, the other half wants me to leave her alone because I know she’s busy.

Maybe I wasn’t all that important to her, maybe I was just another nameless, faceless recruit.

Another Brick In The wall By Pink Floyd started playing in my head.

Huh, I didn’t know they were around in medieval times..

The subject of time-traveling rock bands from the 1980s took me off the subject of Colleen in the blink of an eye.

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