Frozen in Time




My hands crunched along the crisp grass as I slunk around for any source of food, any little chink of hope that would ease the hunger pangs that would set in when time would start moving again.

Because as long as time was frozen – sure, my hunger was gone, but it would come back worse once time started up.

I found a small (most likely) edible root in the ground and gnawed on it, in relative comfort. But then, my grip on time loosened, and the birds in the sky started moving, the leaves started shaking, and the endless fields of grassland all around me started swaying. But my stomach. My stupid, human stomach had to twist and writhe with pain, with no nourishment.

But still – for every centimeter farther that my ribs poked out, that was a sign of being further away from my past. From the Elders that expelled me of life in that miserable existence.

But I was almost ready now. Almost ready to confront them. To take revenge.

To return to the city of Rade.

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