Winners of the Apology Challenge

I almost got an aneurysm trying to choose the winners of this challenge, the entries are that fantastic. I don’t think I can put them into the traditional 1st, 2nd and 3rd place slots, so I won’t even try. That means I can invent the categories! :D Thank you to all who entered, read & commented.

The Entries That Made Me Laugh Out Loud (a tie!)
“Innocent Fun [apology challenge]” by Mistress Elsha Hawk
“Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Done That” by uselessness

The Entry That Every Ficletaholic Can Relate To
“It Won’t Happen Again [The Apology Challenge]” by thebetweenspace

The Entry That Made Me Feel Both Amused and Horrified
“Nobody Ate the Plums [The Apology Challenge]” by THX 0477

The Entry That Made Me Want To Say, “You Go, Girl!”
“This is Just to Say” by Misheru O’ku >..<

The Entry With The Best Ending
“Oh, Cassie…[apology challenge]” by someday_93

...And I saved my favorite for last…

The Entry That You Need To Read Right Now
“Janie, Janie (This is Just to Say)” by [pens&feathers]

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