After a few seconds, Anthony had realized that he had caused quite a ruckus. People were staring at him in an odd way. Anthony coolly acted as if nothing happened and absentmindedly picked up his Rubix Cube. That scrambled colors were all in uniform. While it was levitating, the Rubix Cube solved itself!

This gave Anthony an idea. One of his rare talents was that he could easily solve a Rubix Cube.

Maybe it was me… Anthony thought.

Anthony’s grip on the Rubix Cube tightened, and he walked up to his Boss, who has staring at him incredulously.

“You!” He exclaimed. “What the hell did you-”

“I’m going home,” Anthony said. “And my name is Anthony, sir.”

Anthony, completely forgetting all of his things at his desk, drove home to prove his suspicion.

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