Both Sides

I looked down at my phone vibrating in my hand, knowing the text was from her. Without thinking I opened my phone, my eyes poring over the words she wrote.
Of course I would meet her. The park okay with me? Anywhere is fine with me!
Shoving my phone in my pocket, I grabbed my skateboard, and pushed my way down the street. Kick, push. Kick, push. Coast. I would coast my way back into her arms.
There she stood, standing next to the water fountain. Throwing my skateboard into the grass, I pulled her into my kiss. Her hands pressed against my head, then my back. I slowly backed her onto the park bench, our kisses never ending. Finally, she pulled away, satisfaction on her lips. We sat next to each other on the bench, my arm wrapped around her, and her snuggling into my chest.
“I like getting what seems out of reach,” she whispered. Puzzled, I watched her pull out her phone. Responding to the text, she stood up. “I’ve got to go. I have a date with my boy friend.” With a wink she walked away.

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