Jonas Part 13: Bad Timing

He turned to me. “What?” He bluntly asked.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you lately?” I inquired. He looked at me for what seemed like forever, but was, in actuality, 5 seconds, staring me down. Then he turned to face Thomas for but a millisecond, before turning back to me.
“Make him leave, and then I’ll tell you,” he demanded. I looked at Thomas with a pleading expression and he went to go sit with Amanda and Nick J.
“Spill,” I said. He inhaled deeply. His mouth began to form a word when screeching tires and a blasting car horn terrified everyone and interrupted his confession.
“GUYS! WE HAVE TO GO NOW !” yelled Kevin. He has the WORST timing! “Dad just called. He said we have a flight to New York that leaves in 30 minutes, and the airport is 25 minutes away! Let’s move!”
Nick and Joe sped for the car, leaving Blair and Mandy in shock. They turned back to see their girlfriends’ tear-stained faces and asked synchronically, “Can we bring them with us?” Kevin pondered this for a moment and then pulled out his cell.

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