Jonas Part 14: We're Gonna Make It

He dialed, and when there was an answer he began as we all piled into the car, “Palm Springs Airport? Hello, this is Kevin Jonas. I need nine more tickets for the 8:30 flight to New York. Yes, I do realize this is very last minute. I have the money. Yes. Thank you.” He hung up the phone and made a sharp turn. “No time to pack, we can buy you clothes and necessities in NYC . Call your parents.” He ordered as he made another abrupt turn, causing Joe to hit his head on the window.
“Chill out, Kev. We are gonna make it.” He whined as he rubbed his throbbing forehead. But none of us non-JoBros knew what was more terrifying- Telling our parents that we were on our way to NYC with 3 guys we just met yesterday, or Kevin’s driving.
With 10 minutes to spare, because of Kevin’s lack of regard for speed limits, we arrived at the airport, picked up our tickets, and boarded the plane. All 12 of us.

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