Jonas Part 15: Flying High

To our surprise, flying is extremely pleasurable when you are in first-class with people you love and super-fun celebrities. Star-struck teen girls eyed us with jealousy. Old, rich people yelled at us that ‘hooligans should stay away from them,’ and overly-surgeried old women winked their surgery-lifted eyes at Kevin and puckered their artificially plumped lips as he took his seat with a polite, and yet slightly disgusted fake smile on his face. Our seating arrangement was:
Thomas-Alyse-Nick N

Mandy-Nick J-Kevin



We actually manged to have fun on our extremely long flight. The guys kept throwing honey-roasted peanuts at passengers in front of us, teen girls tried to discreetly take pictures of the JoBros, 10 girls tried to hit on Nick J, 9 girls tried to get Joe, and 2 went after Kevin. Nick J and Joe managed to avoid the girls by keeping their eyes on Mandy and Blair, but anyone could tell Kevin loved the getting attention from women under 50.

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