At My Level

Mistakes stick with us. They will never go away. People say you learn from your mistakes, that you get stronger. Yeah, that’s all great and dandy, but I don’t feel stronger, I don’t feel more intelligent.

Better not let it happen again.

Be quiet, I’m not stupid.

Yeah, you weren’t at all stupid that night when-

Don’t say it.

Why, you can’t handle it?


To weak, to fess up and say you’re a slut? You big baby.

I’m not a baby.

Really? Then why are you on the verge of crying?

I’m leaving.

That’s right, go hide, like you always do. Go, leave the cafeteria.

I didn’t make it. Out. Outside. Only to the lonely halls lined with lockers, and now my back is sliding down the wall and my knees are at my chest. I can feel the tears coming, then there he is, of course in my worst hour.

“Hey, are you okay?”, Landon says coming down to sit at my level.

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