Jonas Part 19: Denied and Accepted

Nick’s frown was now permanently fixated on his face. “What’s with the cheesy pick-up lines on my girl, dude?” He demanded.
“Oh, sorry, kid. I just figured a girl this beautiful wouldn’t be with someone with hair like a dead bush,” he said with a grin on his face, “No offense.” he commented as he pulled up a chair and scooted in between Nick J and Mandy. He turned back to her, “So, gorgeous, who are youu?”
“Amanda Diaz,” She said as she tried to look past Charlie to see Nick J.
“Ah, so you’re Spanish? I thought you looked exotic.” He complimented as he blocked he line of vision to Nick J.
“Mexican, actually,” she said, as she avoided contact with his amazing eyes.
“Oh. So, do you want to go to dinner with me tomorrow night?” he asked, scooting himself closer.
“Actually, I have a boyfriend. He’s behind you.” She said, looking at her plate.
“So?” he devilishly snickered, “You can roll with the bad boys for one night, si?”
“Oh, so you’re a bad boy?” She asked, not being able to mask her interest, “Prove it.”

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