Jonas Part 20: Love over Looks

“Is that a challenge?” He asked, with a smirk fixing itself onto his pale, chiseled face.
“Maybe,” Amanda said in a flirty tone, “Maybe not.” She giggled. Then Steph finally caught her eye.
‘What are you doing?’ she mouthed.
She looked down. Then she regained total confidence. “it’s definitely a challenge. A challenge that you can’t possibly win, because it includes beating the best boyfriend in the world,” She said as she shoved him to the side and climbed into Nick J’s lap, sliding her small waist between him and the table.
“Just wait,” he said as he jumped up from the table. “I accept your challenge, and I am going to win. Whatever it takes, you will be mine.” He stormed out the door.
“C-uh-ray-zayy,” Blair said, “That guy was phsyco.”
“A hott phsyco,” Steph said. Miles tickled her side with a, “Thaaankkss.”
“True that,” I commented, “But we have our guys, so it doesn’t matter.”
“I propose a toast,” Nick N said, finally being friendly, “To choosing love over looks.”
“Cheers,” we all said in unison.

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