starting new

the way life twists and turns,
we wonder if some people ever learn,
we make mistakes all the time,
some fix them with just another line,
sorry, i love you, its all the same,
they see it as just a game,
when our hearts are broken and ripped apart,
we wonder if time will ever fix our heart,
we wonder if its worth the time,
was it really worth calling you “mine”.
were we really on the same page,
all this stuff is driving me insane,
all the possibilites is endless &infinite,
sometimes just not wanting to have anything to do with it,
well one thing is for sure,
a broken heart has no cure.
just time to help mend,
if not that we all pretend,
we try to fix whatever we can,
we try and try we make it a plan,
theres nothing left to do,
just move on and start of new.

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