Jonas Part 26: Home

We made it home safe, but everyone was still sort of in shock over what happened the day before. We all sat in my bedroom, huddled on the floor, clinging onto eachother for comfort and a feeling of security. We tried to leave our NYC experience behind us, but it was kind of difficult considering the emotional scars it imprinted on some of us.
We decided to walk to Starbuck’s. A refreshing drink and a cold, crisp, outdoor walk would do us all some good. Our trip to get there was rather uneventful, except when we had to run from Chuckles. When we arrived, we all got our drinks and some coffee cake, and sat down at an outdoor table. We sipped our drinks and ate our food, but everyone seemed to be looking over their shoulder. Noone could relax knowing Charlie was out there, somewhere, and not knowing what he was going to do.

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