The Following Ficlet Takes Place Between 6:24 PM and 7:00PM


Despite the fact that highly concentrated apple juice, not ‘truth serum’, was flowing through his veins, Frank Ritchey squealed like a canary. “And when I was in 5th grade, I stole a box of baseball cards from the 7-11.” He squirmed awkwardly. “What else do you wanna know!?”

“Where’s Jack?” he asked.

“Who the hell is Jack?”

Randall opened his PSP and said, “This is video footage taken earlier today of you being apprehended by Jack Bauer. Shortly after you were apprehended local police pulled jurisdiction and arrested Jack.”

“You answered your own question, Tony. He’s in jail, right?”

“Wrong. Moments later, Jack Bauer vanished without a trace. Tell me where he is?”

“I… don’t… I have nothing to do with this! You have to believe me!”

“Impressive, you’ve managed to resist the effects of the ‘truth serum’. Well, there are other ways we get people to talk, Mr. Ritchey.”

Randall pulled out hedge-clippers.

“A white van! I saw the police car get hit by a white van! That’s all I know!”

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