I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I was pulled aside and I felt the cold adrenaline form of the gun leave my hand.

“Tod…TOD!” Someone was shaking me.

“Wuh-huh?” I slurred, not even able to speak.

“What happened?” I think Young was shaking me, but it may be Aaron since he has a deeper voice.

”...These geeks were robbing a store.” I said slowly, the red and blue not as much blinding me anymore. “They had a gun, I recognized them from a scam. If I let them go, they’d get caught and rat us…”

I couldn’t speak any more, the major adrenaline rush was draining my energy reserves. I stumbled towards a familiar someone.

“How ya doin’, hero?” Alex smiled with a cigarette hanging in the corner of his mouth.

“Wuh happened?” I said, with his personal trail of smoke dizzying me.

“You should know.” A policeman said, frowning at me.

An odd, reflex-like defense mechanism clicked on in my head.

I did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong.

I was dragged off.

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