The Blast

I flickered back to my original spot and watched the snow covered trees retract against time, leaning towards the sudden time-and-space suction that goes on every time before I start one of my new tricks.

Three. Two. One.

The sheer force of the blast doubled the trees over in the other direction and threw the snow away at thousands of feet per second. My newly grown out hair didn’t even flutter inside my controlled time field that I had created.

I wonder if Tyler had picked that trick up…

The blast ceased. The grayish-blue sky opened up before me as all of the trees crumbled to dust and mixed into the snow with a hissing swirl.

“How do you like me now?” I said, looking forward while directing my playful question to the person standing next to me.

“Amazing as usual.” Netto said. I could practically hear his wide grin.

Netto is a friend I made since Tyler left. He supplies me with a roof over my head, weapons to use, and a little education.

He’s not even in his thirties and smarter than hell.

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