Here I stand. Happy. New. Shiny. Clean. Just fresh from the factory. My life was prefect. I was being pushed into places I could never imagine visiting. I saw a menagerie of vegetables and fruits on one side on my world and crackers and cookies on the other. And the most exciting thing I saw was the gray asphalt with the shiny cars sitting all in a line. My favorite memory was when I hit one of those shiny cars-even scratched them a little-looking at the paint peel off the car onto my body. It was exciting because I knew that I would car the body of the car with me forever. One day I thought I was entering into a world that I had never seen before or even imagined. Someone placed their sticky hands-being as it was a hot day it was probably ice cream-onto my handles and began to push me. Soon, I felt the wind rush against my body, it was refreshing.

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