Karen by Night

Liz stood in the back room of the shoe store, frozen in place. She was balanced precariously on the ladder, stretching to reach a pair of 9Bs on the top shelf. Wide-eyed, she listened intently to the hushed phone conversation around the corner.

“Meet me at the club. There’s a shipment coming in and I can’t pull this one off alone.” whispered Karen, Liz’s rather conservative boss.

Liz lost her balance and grabbed at the shelves to keep from falling. A stack of boxes tumbled to the floor. She heard Karen hang up the phone and she cringed as the graceful click-clack of her Manolos entered the room.

Karen regarded the tableau Liz presented, arched her eyebrow, smirked and left.

As Liz watched her walk out, she tried to sort out all the questions she had. A shipment of what? Who was she talking to? She told me she was going to curl up with her cat tonight when I asked her to come hang out with us…

Liz couldn’t contain her curiosity. So climbed down, grabbed her coat and followed Karen home.

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