A Grim Smile

The day has finally come. I will meet Eve.

I was “woken up” from my pod to experience a horrible headache. The thoughts from previous downloads flashed around for the next hour before I saw my female counterpart.

“Come in, Adam.” A Lab technician said. “Come in and see her.”

I walked through the door.

I wonder what she will be like. The verbalized thought echoed oddly in my head.

I am right in from of you. A separate voice said.

I flicked my head towards who was supposed to be Eve. She was just like me, except her armor was made to fit her. She was slender, more effeminate than I.

C-can you hear me? I asked.

Yes, I can. She said.

I was amazed at our acute mental connection. It was amazing. We knew what we were going to do right when one of us thought of it.She silently communicated as the scientists smiled grimyl. I wonder why…

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