I stood up from my sub-zero stupor and walked among the trees.

This is what happens when you get the world frozen over, you are all alone and the sky shows nothing but endless twilight as you body and mind go icy as well as your heart.

Everything is cold…so…cold…

“I wish I had someone to talk to!” Yelling outwardly for anyone, anyone who could hear.

I felt my ribs quiver and a tear ran down my face, freezing on my cheek.


An ice-covered figure stood next to me. Ice was in his hair as well as the rest of his body.

I turned to him.

“What do you want, Frost?” I asked rudely to the sub-human representation of my conscience.

“Just to talk.” He teased.

“No, it’s your fault that all this happened.” I snarled.

“Oh, on the contrary.” Frost said in a bored voice. “We did this. You shouldn’t have let me out.”

“You shouldn’t have wanted what you can’t have.” I retorted.

“What? Power? I’ve had it all along! Look around you, this is all me!!” He cried out triumphantly

He’s right…damn…

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