It's Always New York City...

A girl walked through the narrow streets of New York, squeezing her way through the unimaginable masses that were packed shoulder to shoulder on the gargantuan sidewalk.

She sighed, and looked up into the rainy sky; a raindrop splattered on her cheek, making her momentarily tense and jump backwards.

She rubbed it away, and shoved her hands irritably into her pockets.

Mom, if you could see me now...

She looked up again; this time, the sky was clouded with angry, nimbus storm clouds, and a distant rumble of thunder made an exasperated sigh escape from her lips.

“Keep your dream alive”, huh? she asked herself, continuing her way.

Suddenly, a crack of thunder roared above the bustling Metropolis, and the heavens opened, letting a shower of cold raindrops wash over the city.

Now soaked, she sullenly walked towards the nearest cafe, hoping for something heated to warm the cockles of her heart.

Good luck to me with that one.

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