Yet To Prove Your Words

Addison, wake up.” An old, wooden voice floats to my awareness.

I jump up with a yell, to find The Wooden Man kneeling at my side with the crow perched upon his shoulder.

“What did you do!” I yelled. “Where is Clayton!?”

His golden eyes fix upon me.

I did nothing to your guardian. He left early this morning to scavenge food.” He said. “I watched you while you slept to make sure he did not try to take your life. You were squirming all night.

So…was that…just a dream? I thought.

You can’t trust him. He’s not even human! Turn you back and he’ll kill you! The scarecrow said in it’s mocking voice.

You aren’t human either! I thought.

Yes, Addison, you are correct. But I am living, I am flesh and blood! He is nothing but a black, lifeless soul full of hunger! The crow cawed.

He is more living than you!! I thought strongly.

The crow caws without moving it’s beak and flew off to perch among the corn. You have yet to prove your words, Addison.. It says and fixes a blood-red eye in me.

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