Jonas Part 29: Return

Blair fumed. “What’s that supposed to mean?!” She yelled, forgetting they were hiding.
“Nothing,” said Kat, smiling angelically, “What on earth are you talking about?”
Blair stared into Kat’s eyes, her anger starting to show through the hazel colored irises. Kat flipped her long, black hair and turned her attention back to Joe. She began an indistinct conversation with him and we all sort of went back to what we were doing. I decided to try to get answers out of Nick N again.
“Hey, Nick, can I talk to you?” I asked, scooting away from our little group. I motioned for him to come.
“What has been wrong with you lately?” I asked.
“Nothing,” he said, flashing a huge, fake smile, showing off his perfect teeth.
“You were gonna tell me beforeee,” I whined, “Please?”
He looked over at the others, sitting about two feet away from us in the crowded back room, and then back at me. “Later,” he said.
At that moment, a black-haired boy poked his head through the door.

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