What In the World is it All About??

I paid the Cleveland Browns their wages for housework, they took with them the now figure skating penguins.

As they were leaving through the back door, the marching band returned and serenaded me with classic 1940’s Suessical tunes, on their kazoos’.
The neighbors, a Ringling Brothers’ Circus clown and his wife, an Antarctic kangaroo, stood and applauded the band.
“Please go now!,â€? I demanded, for I was in need of some quiet time alone.
I poured a glass of Fruit loops and baked some pudding.
My cell phone rang. It was the marching band, now doing their rendition of ’ I Will Always Love You’, Dolly Parton style, I hung up and read the dictionary.
Later that night I went up the stairs to my basement and laid down on my pool table and woke up.
The kangaroo next door rang my doorknob, she wanted to borrow a bowl of salt. I informed her I was all out, � Would you like a spoonful of cheese instead?�
She hopped away mad. Kangaroos are temperamental, not as easy going as penguins. Speaking of penguins..

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