it's my party i can die if i want part 2

Who would have guessed the screaming 911 call would have been a result of the truman capote versus hunter s thompson deathmatch, over the affections of a walker pushing Nancy Reagan.
Little did i know that hunter was Nancy’s ex boyfriend, who was still sick with the memory of their three week affair. I mean didn’t she say crack is whack? Wait was that whitney, no whitney got sent home because she wasn’t dead yet, but she just put on a don king wig and returned as tina turner.- Before i get distracted- where was i?
Oh yeah, the cyclops. Well the fight was out of control by the by the time me and jesus jumped into a hail of blows that were raining down on the bald gonzo journalist, who by the way looked nothing like Johny Depp. The intervention was necessitated by the fact that hunter was fighting back with a hand full of my grandmas sewing needles.
The only thing i regret though, was that i was still conscious when the EMT said, “Its all fun and games till Amy Whinehouse looses an eye.”

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