Jonas Part 31: Shmexi X2

Kat was confused. “Nick, don’t be mean to the poor guy,” she exclaimed, standing up, “Jealous, jealous, jealous,” she sighed, winking at Charlie.
“Katrina, sit down.” Amanda commanded, “You don’t know this guy.”
“Ohh, but I want to,” Kat said, forgetting about Joe as she looked into Charlie’s eyes. “Hey, I’m Katrina. And you are…?”
“Charlie,” he said, forgetting Amanda for the moment, he gazed into her dark brown eyes. But, that was only for a moment it seemed, because he snapped back into his Amanda-stalking in a few moments. “Are you related to her?” he asked Kat, nodding in Amanda’s direction.
“Yah,” she replied, “She’s my cousin.”
“Oh. That makes sense,” Charlie said. Kat got a puzzled look on her face.
“What are you talking about?” she inquired.
“It’s just, you are both so beautiful,” he said, smiling with sweetness as artificial as Splenda. “Will you come outside with me for a moment?”
Kat nodded and stepped toward him.
“Kat, don’t,” Mandy begged, “He’s dangerous.”
Kat turned around and winked at her.

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