Jonas Part 32: Excuses

“I like danger,” Kat whispered to her, and stepped out the door, closing it behind her.
“Oh.My.God.” Amanda cried, “He is gonna get to me through her, isn’t he? He’s gonna hurt her! What if I never see her again?” Amanda was sobbing, and, with a sudden burst of protectiveness and anger, she leaped up and ran through the door after Kat and Charlie.
Blair and I ran after her. We found her standing behind the counter, her jaw practically on the floor. Kat and Charlie were standing in a corner, kissing.
“KAT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!” Amanda yelled.
A shocked Katrina pulled away and stared at her cousin. “What?” she asked, still oblivious to what happened in New York.
Amanda searched for an easy excuse for her outburst, because there was no way she was going to let anyone know that she might be falling for Charlie.
“Kat,” she gaped, “You just met this guy.”
“Amanda,” Kat replied, “You only knew Nick for a day when you went to New York with him.”
Amanda glared at her smirking cousin.

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