It's my party i can die if i want to part 4

The bum brushed the matted dreadlocks that smelled of foul sewage and stale whine, from obscuring the view of the shills who passed the busy sidewalk.
“spare some change”
With the buzz of nine years of thunderbird, and acres of maddog,slowly subsiding and allowing this malodourous miscreant to have a moment of reflection.
An actual reflection not the spiritual kind; provided by the silvery surface of a coors light truck. The man could see his whole miserable existance in the grizzled road map of his own reflection. The family he had lost. The condo he had walked away from on sixth. The mistress, the red lips that had taken all of his problems away. The bottle that had transported him to the land of wine and roses.They were all there.
“God if you are really there give me a sign give me something to let me know you hear me and i will change”
Then the miracle, Nancy Reagen came rushing past the vagrant pushing a blind one eyed amy whinehouse in a wheel chair humming,”no no no”

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