it's my party i can die if i want to part 5

Xenotran had traveled 75,000 light years to Earth, delivered the message to president ronald reagan and returned to report his message to the president of The galactic commision of imperial expansion.
“Did you meet this ronald raygun?”
“Yes my lord he was actually the first person I met”
“did he agree to our offer of peace?”
“Actually he was coming out of the domicile, when i introduced myself, as xenotran royal envoy from the ”
“yeah yeah what did he say”
“He replied Look E.T. The party is over you need to turn around and go home before Hunter s. Thompson stabs you in the eye, by the way you are suppossed to be dead.. Dumbass, E.T ain’t dead”
The commander Yelled into the intercoms that broadcasted throughout the entire fleet, filling the ears of the E.T clones dressed in battle armor, “The infidels have insulted our gift of peace, ready full invasion, and bring me the heads of ronald raygun and Hunter. S. Thompson.

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