Back In Rade

“I’m telling you, if you make the bullet out of lighter material and make it’s rotation tighter, it’ll go much faster!” I argued with Netto.

“No!” He interjected. “If you make it out of heavier material and increase the amount of powder, the improved force of the kinetic energy will be able to pierce armor that is just bellow the density of Osmium.”

He put up a good argument.

“What about that energy gun, the one that you’ve been working on forever?” I asked.

Netto sighed. “I finally got the prototype out, but I haven’t tested it yet.

“I’ll test it.” I said without skipping a beat.

Right then a red light on my shirt blinked. I put a tracker on Tyler to make sure he came back in time.

“Tyler is back in Rade.” I said. “I gimme that prototype.”

Netto dug through a bunch of crap and handed it to me. I didn’t want to kill him, that wasn’t the goal. He might have developed, beside new powers, a bad personality. i had to be prepared for anything, he might have developed faster than me.

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