Newborn Hope

The tiny creature flitted around my head and shoulders, pleased with itself, having hatched, dried, and instinctively begun its first flight. I smiled at it.
“You think you’re pretty special, don’t ya?”

It took a moment to look at me. I think it smiled back.

“Well, you are. I mean, the first baby dragon born in captivity! Your kind is almost extinct!”

It chirred and cooed back, mimicking my tone and inflection perfectly.

“Wow! What a gem you are! So smart! I’ll have to name you.”

It landed, tired after its trips around me, and curled into a ball to sleep.

“Aww, so sweet,” I whispered, “You rest, and I’ll go find you some dinner for later.”

I left the tiny hut and searched for some grasshoppers and crickets. As I walked I thought about this new little life and the impact it would have on the world. A dragon would ensure our victory over our oppressor. We would no longer live under the tyrant king. We could rule this nation under peace!

As long as the dragon remained hidden from the king, that is.

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