Mistress Elsha Hawk finds time to write between confirmed kills.

” More chardonay mam?”
“Always monsuer.” Repled the beautiful statuesque seraphim as she rapidly typed away on her laptop while periodicly evaluating her reflection in her chanel compact.
“bing” I.M message reads..Target is on the move.
“Are you dining alone mam?” asked the regal bussinessman who had just approached her table.
“Yes and very busy but thank you.”
Her hand glides along her beautiful leg following the luscious curves to the hem of her garter to retrieve the tiny one shot pistol from its heavenly holster.
“I am sorry sir i am very busy”
“Oh sorry i was just noticing the motorcade going along behind you on the street. is that?”
Just then a loud champagne cork pops and steals the man’s attention for a split second and he says, “well if it was him he must be back inside the limo.his head isn’t sticking out the roof anymore”
“bing” she types target down.
“sir do you happen to know a word for dismembered that has six letters?”
“yeah that’s one twenty four, ficlet accomplished.”

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