The Last Clue

He’d finally found it. The last clue. All he had to do was walk in. And hopefully the answer would be revealed to him. It’s what he had spent his life doing. Following clue after clue after clue. At times he felt like giving up. But he hadn’t. And now he was going to reap the rewards. As he reached for the door, his mind drifted back. Back to when he began this search. All the blood, sweat, tears, and laughter. It had been a life worth living. Adventurous, yes. And certainly never dull. But was it really worth it? No friendships. No companions. Very little human contact, in fact. He could just walk away. Right now. Start a new life with new goals. Maybe even start a family. But the reward….His mind drifted off, wondering if the rumors about the reward were true. Taking a deep breath, he put his hand on the door…...and walked inside.

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