“Nothing happened.” I said, smiling reassuringly. “I just got woken up a little earlier than usual and I’m a little jumpy.”

Good, Joshua, good. Roll with it… she might take you somewhere…bad.

“Well, I have some stuff to take care of, I owe some money to Harry and I gotta win it back in a game of cards.” I fake grinned.

Coleen smiled. “Boys will be boys.”

“Yeah. See ya.” I smiled sheepishly, and wandered off.

I have to get out of here, now. She’s probably got people after me right as I’m thinking this… GAH !!! I can’t be thinking right now, I’ve gotta get out….

I found a back exit, it was guarded, of course.

“What chu’ doin’?” The guard said.

“I’ve got a job.” I lied.

“Go on by.” The guard said, but then stopped me. “Where’s your mark?”

I pulled up my sleeve and he smiled. “You’re clear.”


I got out and started running.

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