Without further ado here are the Winners for the Pen Name Challenge.

Up first may you please put your keyboards and mouses together for Bartimeaus for winning the Best Teenage Romance award. Band Baby should be proud, even though she doesn’t play the french horn, lol, french horn—one of the funniest instruments ever. Excellent job.

Up next is Uselessness. He wins the Well Written But Extremely Odd Description award for the penning of Throatwolf’s uncanny desire ”....I wish I could be on a plate beside the leftovers and the pitcher of iced tea, even for half a minute. Smothered in margarine.” Way to go man, for more than just that, the story in it’s entirety was very good.

Now, will Ana Christina please come up and receive the Risky, Far Fetched, Highly Creative award for your story about uselessness and his double agent status (Applause and cheers). And while you’re up here why don’t you take the Best Ending Line award as well—you earned it.

And now for the GRAND PRIZE …....

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