An unexpected meeting [Twilight challenge]

“Tell me what you’re thinkingâ€? he whispered. “I think that you are standing a bit too close” she replied.

He smiled knowingly “Am I starting to erode your self control?”. She giggled coquettishly “Not at all. I am worried that I might be eroding yours.”

“So, do you come here often?” he resumed their conversation. “I do from time to time” she replied. “I have friends in the area. I don’t really know anyone here, though. Would you like to join me for breakfast?”

They moved from the buffet to the breakfast tables on the veranda, enjoying the sun and the slightly salty morning breeze.

As their conversation progressed, they realised that they had much in common. They were both getting over the death of their respective spouses, both had a reasonably comfortable retirement, and they both enjoyed golf.

After a passion filled week (as these things go beyond 70), they left the resort confident that they had each found someone new to share their twilight years.

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