Monsters in the Closet

Riley’s mom kissed her on the forehead, smoothing her Disney princess pajamas and tucking her in. “Good night, sweetie.” She whispered, hugging Riley tight, “Sweet dreams, right, birthday girl?” Riley nodded, giving her mom a front-toothless smile. Tomorrow she would be seven years old. Her mom walked over and turned off the light. “Still need a night light, big girl?” Riley hesitated, looking at all the shadows around her bed.

“No, thanks, Mommy.” she said. As the door closed, her smile faded away. She lay down against her blue pillow, looked at the glowing stars on her ceiling. She heard a noise in her closet, across the room. Something was in there. She quickly dove under the blankets and crawled to the foot of the bed, only daring to peek out from under the covers.

The door was open.

Mommy had closed it, Riley was sure. She always did, to keep the monsters in. Something shuffled in the closet, and Riley drew back. “H-h-hello?” She whispered, her throat dry, “Is anyone in there?” Silence.


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