geneva begins

geneva woke up to a gray, spring morning. she slipped on her white, diaphanous gown and pulled on her poppy colored tights. while the tea kettle was warming her water for her morning vanilla tea, she brushed her white blond hair to perfection. afterwards, into the kitchen she went and poured the steaming water into her cup and plopped the tea bag in.
as she sat at the kitchen table, waiting for her tea to steep, she thought about various things. she thought about going outside to fly a kite or using her kaleidoscope as a magnifying glass to view small bugs in a new, different sort of way. maybe she would began to dig a secret ditch where she would crawl in and knit or take naps. or put on her favorite silver shoes and tap dance on the roof with the neighborhood birds as her own, private audience.
she was having all sorts of random ideas in her mind and all the while her tea was becoming cold. she quickly remembered it, begun to drink it, wiped her mouth gently with a napkin and now was off. but where to?

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