Night Frights

Riley didn’t scream, she knew her mom would just come in and tell her to go to sleep. This wasn’t a bad dream, she knew it. Riley pinched herself on the elbow to make sure. “Ouch!” She slapped her hand over her mouth.

Something stepped out of her closet. It was a doll, one that she didn’t play with very much. Her grandma had gotten it for her last year, but she didn’t like it as much as her Barbies. The doll was wearing a pretty green dress, like velvet, and had big blond curls like Riley. “What’s wrong, Riley?” the doll asked, blinking its big blue eyes at her.

“Nothing, I just pinched myself so I knew I wasn’t dreaming.” Riley told the doll. It wasn’t a monster after all, just this little toy. “Why are you awake and moving around? Do all toys do it?”

The doll laughed, “Oh, Riley. No, all toys can’t wake up. You have to be a special toy, and know special things. I want you to come with me.” She held out a hand, “I have something to show you.” Riley got out of bed, as the doll went to the closet.


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