Into the Closet

Riley walked into the closet after the doll, and knelt down next to her in the dark. The doll knocked on the wall three times, but Riley couldn’t see why. Before Riley’s eyes, the wall began to glow, and a small door formed. The door was only high enough for Riley to crawl through, so she scooted back.

“Where are you going?” she asked the doll in a whisper, hoping her mom didn’t hear her moving around.

The doll turned, smiling, “You mean where are we going, Riley. You’re coming with me. You get to see what most little girls only wish they could see.” Riley nodded as the little doll opened the door.

“Wait, doll-” Riley was cut off

“You do remember my name don’t you?” Riley shook her head, no. The doll sighed as she stepped through the door, “I’m Clarice.” she murmured, “You’d better remember that.” Riley moved toward the door and got on her hands and knees. She could only see purple light on the other side, so she began to crawl. She couldn’t see Clarice in the purple light.

Suddenly, she was falling.

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