Partners In Crime

Britney put Jared’s fedora on her head and said, “How do I look babe?â€?
“Adorable, as always”, Jared said as he pecked her lightly on the cheek.
Britney embraced him, he pulled away, “Brit, come on you know we don’t have time for this. The bank closes in twenty minutes. Do we have everything we need?â€?
“If you’re referring to guns and ammo, then yeah, we have all we need,â€? Britney sulkingly replied.
“Well, get it in gear, chop chop, to the car, I’m in a hurry here,â€? Jared said.
Jared took his hat off Britney’s head and placed it on his own, checking himself out in the rearview mirror of their Ford Fairlaine.
Britney nervously sat next to her boyfriend in the passenger seat. Her loaded pistol on her lap. She fiddled her her skirt and pulled at her dark hair.
This wasn’t the first bank the pair had robbed at gun point. Jared couldn’t understand why this time Britney was acting all jumpy.
He hoped she had what it took to be his partner in crime, as much as his partner in life.

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