Time Gone By

I hadn’t seen him in ten years, but time had done nothing to erase the pain his leaving had caused. Time had changed some things: his hair had changed to a slightly graying brown. His face had a few more lines than I remembered, evidence of a life hard-lived. But my feelings, oddly, had not dulled with age. If anything, when he walked through that door, they became more vivid than ever before. It took all I had not to run to him immediately. Whether to strangle or to hug, I will never know. I remained firmly in my seat, sort of peeking out of the corner of my eye to see if he had noticed. He had and he was coming towards me. What would I say! What would I do! I didn’t know, but I should figure it out soon because he was suddenly here, standing beside me, looking at me intently. He licked his lips. Once. Twice. Then began to speak.

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