The Mansion

Taylor looked out the window. He recognized all the typical landmarks on the trip.

Orion, Polaris, The Horsehead Nebula.

“What a boring day” sighed Taylor. “Just another day doing brainless research.”

“There goes Mars. There goes Saturn. There goes Plut…...AHHHHHHHHHH”

Suddenly a blinding white light flashed in Taylor’s face. He couldn’t see anything. It was as if a nuclear bomb blew up. His corneas were being shattered into oblivion by this overwhelming pain.

Taylor tried using his sense of hearing to try and figure out what just happened. He heard a tear in the shuttle and the voice of a computer.

“10% Oxygen left and dropping” voiced the computer.

Finally, Taylor blacked out from lack of oxygen. He thought to himself and saw his life flash before his eyes.

“Taylor, grab my hand” yelled a mysterious voice,”I’ll take you.”

His vision was blurred. He was then yanked out of his shuttle by a red being holding a stick with 3 points.

The last thing Taylor remembered was being carried into a Mansion.

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