the bitter irony of everything you want, and nothing you need

Everything I thought about
And everything I wanted
Dangled before my eyes at a maddening impenetrability
Where I just keep reaching, and keep looking
But when I see myself, I’m still just standing still
Because this is how I must stand
And my mind knows it, but my heart has never listened
You have no idea what is going on in my head
It’s probably better that way, who knows what you’d think
Your so out of my reach in so many ways
But I want you so badly, and I’ve seen you in my thoughts
I’ve pictured you in my mind, and yet I didn’t picture this

So I’ll fight this inner battle
Undeniably my mind will win
And my heart will lay the loser
Broken and bleeding on the ground
It’s over and done
It was before it began

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