The Unknowns

“Are you sure?â€? Davey asked A.J. nervously, as they walked along the parking lot towards the beach, straining to see through the misty marine layer that was quickly reducing visibility.

“Dude. Will you trust me already?â€? A.J. snorted at Davey. That was the problem with Davey, A.J. thought. Always doubting, assuming that everyone was either lying to him or had a hidden agenda.

“its right over there, just past that trashcanâ€? A.J. said, breaking into a trot, now happier that he had found the place again. Davey ran to keep up.

“A.J., wait. Maybe we should call the cops or somethingâ€? Davey said, looking around fearfully, twisting his hands.

“Shut up already.â€? “Give me the laptopâ€? A.J. was on a roll now, excitement coursing through him. He was certain it would work.

He could feel the sand vibrating beneath his feet, pulsing rhythmically, hypnotically. As the laptop powered up, A.J. reached for the cable dangling from the back and plugged it into the connector jutting out from the sand.

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