The unfortunate situation

He arrived in the office. The receptionist looked up from her catalog and chirped an ever-so-slightly forced salutation.

“Good morning, ummm, Mr. Smith. How are you today?”

Taken back, he muttered under his breath, “How do you think I’m doing?”. He held up his arm, wanting her to notice his dilemma.

“Oh my” she said. Her expression dimming once she caught sight of the arm. “I’ll let him know you’re here right away Mr. Smith”

He turned around and surveyed the small vestibule. Several people were seated, each with an empty chair between them. A curious man stood facing the corner.

After due consideration, the man chose the seat that he thought would offer him the least chance of interaction anyone else.

A moment later, he heard the click of a doorknob turning, and the sickening groan of hinges that have turned too many times.

“Mr. Smith, follow me please.”

He rose from his perch, carefully moving his arm to avoid contact with the woman next to him.

As he entered, the first thing he noticed was the…

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