Silence, concluded.

In the easy chair beside my T.V., sat a uniformed police officer. He was holding a notepad and obviously trying to get some answers from my silent-sworn family. When he saw me, he stood and offered me his seat, saying, “Miss Laran, I’m glad to see you’re ok. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?” Without waiting for an answer, he went on: “What happened?”

I looked at him and then at my mother. The old lady’s gaze was as stern as I had always known. “My daughter has no interest in your help, young man,” she said for me. “She is fine, as you can see. Let it be at that.”

“No,” I said, startling my family.

“Lauren!” my mother said. “Be silent!”

I turned to her. “No.” Then I turned to the cop and broke my silence.

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