Larger Than Life

“So this is what it feels like?”, said the voice in his head. He had heard the voice before, but never had it been so close to the surface, so visceral, so…..real.

Tears rolled from the corners of his eyes, the product of his own mental turmoil, and from the air rushing past him as he approached terminal velocity. His world had rapidly become a blur of steel, glass and rubber…

“STOP!” the voice commanded. Instantly, Paul came to a halt. What a strange sensation, arriving at a dead stop, 6 inches from the ground, staring at the concrete beneath him. Paul could swear he heard an almost imperceptible sigh of relief from below.

“That was a close one!” the small voice exclaimed. “Are you alright?”

Reflexively, Paul said “I’m not sure…wait!..what the hell is happening?”

“Such an existential question for a human so close to ending his own life.” The voice said. “I think we should start a bit slower, perhaps with an introduction.”

“My name is Kimbote, Lord of the Ants. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Paul.”

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