Mornamentor the Inventor [little prince challenge]

“Excuse me, sir.. What are you doing?” the small boy asked.
“I am inventing,” the old man said.
Immediately the child was interested. “Inventing what? It looks like you’re just sitting there staring off into nothing.”
“Ah, yes, my dear child, that is the magnificient illusion of Mornamentor the Inventor (myself)! It appears to be that I am sitting here, making absolutely no use of my time. While I am actually thinking verrrrrrrryy hard, and the gears in my head are turning, being oiled by the grease of imagination.”
Too.. many.. metaphors, the child thought. “Oh. Well. Erm … okay.”
“Wait, don’t you want to see my spectacularness? I even have a dance routine planned out!” Mornamentor the Inventor said.
“Nnnnnotttt really,” Prince answered. “Goodbye,” he said as he tipped his bowler hat.
“Goodbye,” Mornamentor the Inventor said sadly, and went back to planning his next performance for himself.

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